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Reminder: TWP Tea Time #3 today, 1-2 pm EST

Increasingly WeBWorK content is being created and implemented for Physics, Chemistry and Engineering courses. Our contributors have created a wealth of rich content. Please join Todd Ruskell (Physics Department, Colorado School of Mines), Agnes d’Entremont (Department of Applied Science and Mechanical Engineering, UBC), Jennifer Kirkey (BC Campus and Douglas College) and Steven Fiedler (Chemistry Department, FitchburgContinue reading “Reminder: TWP Tea Time #3 today, 1-2 pm EST”

TWP Summer 2021 Code Camps

We are super pleased to announce three TWP working meetings for Summer 2021. WeBWorK Web Presence Virtual Working Meeting: June 14-16, 2021. The WeBWorK Project is hosting a virtual code camp to modernize and organize the web presence of WeBWorK. Programming skills are not required to participate, as much of the work will involve editing webContinue reading “TWP Summer 2021 Code Camps”

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