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TWP Executive Committee Election Results

TWP is pleased to announce the results from the recent election: President-Elect: Gavin Larose Treasurer: John Travis Technical Manager: Danny Glin OPL Director (appointed position): K. Andrew Parker Congrats to all!

TWP Tea Time #3, Friday 4/30, 1- 2 pm (EST)

Increasingly WeBWorK content is being created and implemented for Physics, Chemistry and Engineering courses. Our contributors have created a wealth of rich content. Please join Todd Ruskell (Physics Department, Colorado School of Mines), Agnes┬ád’Entremont (Department of Applied Science and Mechanical Engineering, UBC), Jennifer Kirkey (BC Campus and Douglas College) and Steven Fiedler (Chemistry Department, FitchburgContinue reading “TWP Tea Time #3, Friday 4/30, 1- 2 pm (EST)”

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